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One day we were travelling with church members by open lorry on our way back from the Easter day prayers at Mudanda, Buhera. We neared Murambinda bridge and before we crossed the bridge’; voice from above us said to me, “The African Apostolic Church,” VaApostora VeAfrica. – Paul Ernest Mamvura Mwazha (Leader of The African Apostolic Church)

A Zimbabwean preacher traces his incredible life of prayer and trusts in God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ, a life that has seemed destine for a special purpose since he was a small boy in the book The Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa. Through a series of visions and revelations he sees the path he should follow and is eventually led to establishing The African Apostolic Church to bring this ministry to the world.

Ernest Mamvura Paul Mwazha grew as a boy into a dedicated annointed disciple of Jesus Christ and through worship and self-denial, a heavenly priesthood of considerable magnitude was bestowed upon him. God’s communication with Paul Mwazha and the divine power of the Holy Spirit led to the inevitable founding of The African Apostolic Church, a Christian grouping that set root in Zimbabwe and is expanding rapidly taking in mena and women from diverse racial, social and religious backgrounds into a single Christian family.

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33 thoughts on “About”

  1. Mhoroyi,ndinokumbirawo mundinamatirewo,ndiri kugara kure nevamwe ndakawana basa kure kusina vamwe maapositora,mundinamatirewo ndikunde wakaipa nezita rajesu Amen,

  2. Mny mathibulani anogara kuPE, asiparizvino akazopawana panonamata vamwe. Ndinotenda mwari naizvozvo. Nokuti pamagumano ese apa winterveld pamwechete ne chirairo chegore rino(2013) angaaripo. Kudzai jehova.

  3. paul Mwazha is the real Angel of God. through his books part one and two you would actually find out that his communion with the Lord is beyond humanity.

  4. My name is Sibongile Mbatha and I am new member of The African Apostolic Church and I got baptised today.I am a South African.I thank God for planting me in this church.I only pray that God can me understand and talk your language.And may my husband be blessed with a job and better life.My husband is from Zimbabwe in Hope Fountain.I will be in Winterverldt next week for Chirairo September 2015.

  5. Good day, I met some of your members in Diepsloot the other week. They are good people and I wish you very well in all that you achieve in the future.

  6. I want to thank the Good Lord who sent His Angel St Paul Mwasha for all the things He has done for me especial for my young sister Gracious, may He keep on healing her until she goes to school also lm looking for a proper job l do baking even though l dont have any certificate for that job pliz pray for me so that l get the job and take care of my kids l was blessed with, in the name of Jesus who sent His Angel Paul Mwasha nditshiti kudzai Jehova Amen!!!!

  7. Magadzirira here vana vababa vangu kuenda kumusangano kwaChihota? Gadzirirai nguva ichiripo tigonomukudza mwari uyu wakafanira kurumbidzwa.

  8. Ndiwe Jehovah Jire. Wakambokudzwa pagomo reMoriah. Ndiwe Mweya mukuru kuru wakauya kuzoita hugaro hwako mune rino pasi redu.

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