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Hymn 159 – The African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha of Africa

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3 thoughts on “Hymn 159 – The African Apostolic Church led by Paul Mwazha of Africa”

  1. The truth that can not be ashamed is the divine commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa. The hidden the thing about the divine commission of this men is that, it was and is revealed to God’s chosen few people many are confused on why we the followers of him saying “he is the Jesus of our days”. This is what it is, it was good if all who are in the church to adhere to the teachings of Paul Mwazha because he is teaching the exams of heaven so that if anyone follows you will come up with distinctions of heaven. I beg you all within the church to review what the men of God requires us to be, to do and where is he taking us to. The men of God is just. kune chirwere chapinda muvanhu chekuti ukaona umwe akavenga munhu arimuchechi iwe wotomuvengawo asi asina kana mhosva newe asi nekuti avengwa newaunofarira imiwe,vanhu vanonotsva nezvinhu zvisina maturo Mwari akakubvunza kuti wakamuvengerei uchapindura here(hymn119). Paul Mwazha anotibatsira wani paanoti,√≠dai vavengi venyu. Lastly but not least i can say check your records and feet in Paul Mwazha’s chariot which is going to heaven. The truth is that he was commissioned.

  2. He is the angel of africa and he will bring us .the God’s elects, in the inner heavens ‘THE ONLY EARNEST PAUL MWAZHA IN former SOUTHERN RHODESIA

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