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Tsemura Makomo Ishe Jesu

Tsemura makomo Saint Pauro, tsemura tipinde
Mabvazuva rakanga rava gungwa
Mavirazuva rakanga rava gomo
Inzwi rikati wasvika panzvimbo yenyasha
Ishe Jesu tsemura makomo

Mabvazuva pakavakwa imba yedombo
Mabvazuva iriko imba yedombo
Mabvazuva iriko imba yedombo
Ishe Jesu tsemura makomo, tsemura tipinde

Mambo Jesu vakaonekwa naPauro
Mambo Jesu vakaonekwa ari mudombo
Mambo Jesu vakaonekwa ari mutsime
Ishe Jesu tsemura makomo, tsemura tipinde

Nyamasase inopenya Ishe, Nyamasase inopenya Ishe,
Shilo yakaonekwa naPauro
Ishe Jesu tsemura makomo, tsemura tipinde


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8 thoughts on “Tsemura Makomo Ishe Jesu”

  1. The gospel of Jesus Christ spearheaded by his servant Paul Mwazha of Africa is like a veld fire during summer, consuming the agents of evil and smashing down the altars of Satan. The chariot of this gospel is pulled by Moses and Daniel over mountains, seas, great deeps and anyone who dares to stand on the way of salvation will fall like satan on the day he was thrown by Michael the Archangel from the heavenly realm. Satan and his agencies tremble when this gospel is talked about. The temple of the great deceiver and the flag of his agencies crumble at the sight of the people of God LED BY Paul Mwazha. IT IS TIME OF THE END AND THE LORD JESUS CHRIST IS ON THE DOOR. GET PREPARED FOR THE GREAT DAY.

  2. Paul Mwazha the true servant of our lord Jesus Christ. he is original straight from the biblical ancient times.

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