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“Who can we commission, who can go on our behalf?”

At the end of the year, in 1951 I heard a voice in my sleep saying “Who can we commission, who can go on our behalf?”

I went to Rev Chidarikire early in the morning and related to him this relevation. He said to me “A, I imagine it has more to do with arrangements Rev M Wright is making regarding your career. He wants you to study for priesthood”

I left him for my private place of prayer. I prayed “Father, I did hear your voice last night saying to me, “Who can we commission, who can go for us?’ Therefore I am here. I come to do as you command. You know father that is has always been my wish to be your servant, send me with your word to your people in Africa first and to all the world thereafter and if it be your wish, Creator, may all who see me see you instead and those who listen to me, hear your voice. Amen” [The Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa Part 1, Chapter 8]

It is also in this same manner that the prophet Isaiah and Jeremiah were commissioned by God. Isaiah 6:1-8; Jeremiah 1:5-10

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    1. ichokwadi Pauro Mwazha ndiye oga mutungamiri ane chokwadi. Ramba une chokwadi ichocho Munyori J. Z

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