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Zaka Conference at Goko Dam – Masvingo Province 21-23 January 1989

We had a fruitful time of God as the Lord Jesus was with us. It was a Sabbath and the worshippers belonging to the Zion Sect came to where we held service and asked me to assist them, “Servant of God the scorching sun has parched the earth, the land is dry and, our crops have wilted. Please ask your God for rain”

I looked at them and said, “It may be possible, but allow us to continue until we come to the end of our work for the gospel, and the prayers for the ill and infirm”


The sun had come up and not a cloud marked the sky which was clear blue. We ended our prayer session and all we had to do for the people who had attended church. A mist began to gather and grew into thick dark clouds. Thunder sounded, and flashes of lightening slashed across the now darkened sky. It began to rain, a heavy downpour that fell and flowed into rivers filling them up in a short while. Thick poles fenced the vegetable plots along the river we uprooted and dragged down by the water which flowed powerfully raking any loose dry sticks, leaves and grass to the river. The storm went on through the night until dawn.

Everyone was overjoyed and the people of Zaka praised the God of the African Apostolic Church, thirty-eight men and women were baptised as the dam

“Extract from The Divine Commission of Paul Mwazha of Africa, Part II, Chapter Thirteen, page 85”

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