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Mwari Wakanaka. God is Good

Mwari wakanaka, wakatichengeta (God is good, he looked after us)
Hama ngatimunamate (Brothers lets worship him)
Mwari wacho, Mwari wevarombo (This God, is a God for the poor)
Mwari wacho, Mwari wenherera (This God, is a God for orphans)

Ini ndaimbotambura, Ndiye akandichengeta ( I used to suffer, its Him who looked after me)
Vakomana ngatimunamate (Men let’s worship him)
Vasikana ngatimunamate (Women let’s worship him)
VanaMai ngatimunamate (Mother’s let’s worship)

VanaMai siyai kuroya (Mother’s depart from witchcraft)
VanaBaba siyai kupomba (Father’s depart from fornication)
VanaMai siyai makuhwa (Mother’s depart from gossiping)

Mwari wakanaka kwatiri (God is good to us)

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4 thoughts on “Mwari Wakanaka. God is Good”

  1. surely God is good, he is always looking after us! He even sent us his servant Paul Mwazha in these later days. praise be to the Lord our GOD!

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